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Department of Corrections Healthcare: Public Health and Safety in the Commonwealth's Prisons

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In response to Governor Corbett’s recent proposals to outsource prison health care services while simultaneously initiating the largest reduction in the prison population in Pennsylvania history, The CLEAR Coalition and SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania released a report exposing the numerous risks of privatizing this core responsibility of government.

A Better Way for PA: Restoring Pennsylvania's Fiscal Health through Fairness, Efficiency and Innovation

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Pennsylvania state government must take action to face its current fiscal challenges and balance its budget. There are some steps that Pennsylvania should clearly not take: divesting in Pennsylvania’s future by continuing to slash investments in schools and vital services; privatizing government services, an approach that actually costs more and can undermine quality and efficiency; and cutting corporate taxes, which reduces state revenues while doing little to create jobs. Instead, Governor Corbett and the General Assembly have more responsible and fiscally sound options to balance the state’s budget.