The CLEAR Coalition represents more than 1 million Pennsylvanians fighting for a state budget that funds essential public services, protects family-sustaining, middle class jobs, and ensures that we have a fair system of taxes in our Commonwealth.
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The Inquirer: “Raise Pennsylvania’s embarrassingly low minimum wage”

The Philadelphia Inquirer makes the right case for raising our state’s embarrassing wage, “The raise would affect 1.6 million minimum and other low-wage workers in Pennsylvania, who, in turn, would put their money right into the economy for housing, food, and other essential goods and services, according to Mark Price, a labor economist with the […]

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The Daily Item: “Time for state to increase minimum wage”

The Daily Item tackles the need to raise the state’s minimum wage, noting that, “If the commonwealth would have built cost of living increases into the minimum wage decades ago it would likely be near that $12 level now, if not higher. The time has come to follow the lead of other states and increase […]

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The Express-Times Gets it: “Shale gas tax must be part of Pa. budget fix”

The Express-Times editorial board urges lawmakers to support Governor Tom Wolf’s call for a shale tax, noting that, “Pennsylvania remains the only major gas-producing state without an extraction tax. Why should its taxpayers subsidize the price of fuel for users elsewhere?”

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