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Higher Wages, More Jobs & Stronger Communities

HARRISBURG (FEB. 4, 2019) – Leaders of the CLEAR Coalition today issued a blueprint for a strong and growing state economy that will create higher wages, more jobs, and revenue for critical investments in quality K-12 and technical education; affordable access to higher education; and adequate funding for our other core services and programs.

Critical elements of “A Blueprint for Growing Pennsylvania’s Economy” include raising the state’s minimum wage; imposing a statewide shale tax; closing corporate tax loopholes and making our tax system fairer; and eliminating waste and increasing efficiency in state operations. The plan generates an estimated $3.5 billion in new revenue and savings and efficiencies in state government operations.


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Governor Wolf’s Renewed Push to Increase Workers’ Income Welcomed by Labor Leaders

HARRISBURG (JAN. 28, 2020) – Leaders of the CLEAR Coalition urged lawmakers to embrace Governor Tom Wolf’s initiatives to increase workers’ pay through an increase in the minimum wage and new overtime rules. “Our minimum wage is far below a living wage, and with our neighboring states enacting increases, Pennsylvania’s wage is in the basement. […]

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How to Achieve a $35,000,000 Annual Savings

$700 million per year for economic development incentives. x a small reduction of just 5% = $35,000,000 in annual savings.

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Gov. Tom Wolf pitches his fiscal plan for a prosperous Pennsylvania

The Morning Call reports, “The Democratic governor’s plan, unveiled Tuesday, would harness the taxing authority of the state with the innovation of private business to improve the state’s classrooms and enhance the employment prospects of some teachers, hourly wage earners, skilled laborers and farmers.”

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