The Daily Item: “Time for state to increase minimum wage”

The Daily Item tackles the need to raise the state’s minimum wage, noting that, “If the commonwealth would have built cost of living increases into the minimum wage decades ago it would likely be near that $12 level now, if not higher. The time has come to follow the lead of other states and increase […]

Post-Gazette: “Wolf’s Pa. Budget: More Money for Schools, Hike in Minimum Wage, New Tax on Gas Drilling”

The Post-Gazette reports, “Gov. Wolf on Tuesday unveiled an election-year budget of nearly $33 billion that would boost funding for public schools, hike the minimum wage, expand the fight against Pennsylvania’s opioid addiction crisis — and slap a new tax on natural gas drillers.” For More Budget News, Visit CLEAR’s FACEBOOK PAGE.  

Pa. Must Make a Commitment to Public Higher Education

The Patriot-News publishes an op-ed by Kenneth Mash, President of  the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, who writes, “All Pennsylvanians pay a price when a college education is unaffordable to working-class families. We do not have a competitive workforce that will allow us to attract employers, and students with high debt do […]

Pennlive: Can You Pass the 2018 State Budget Quiz? posts a CLEAR op-ed calling on lawmakers to tax the shale drillers and raise the minimum wage. “Simple fairness, basic math, and smart policy mandate that lawmakers move, once and for all, to tax the shale drillers and raise the minimum wage. The politics are equally compelling,” writes Steve Catanese, president of SEIU Local 668.