It’s Time to Protect Our Frontline Workers

NPR reports, “Millions of essential workers are showing up for their jobs at warehouses, food processing plants, delivery trucks and grocery checkout lines. Work that is often low-paid, and comes with few protections, is now suddenly much more dangerous.” The report adds, “For a shopper, stepping into a grocery store is a necessary risk they […]

The Inquirer: Lawmakers Need to Start Thinking About Budget Priorities

The Inquirer sounds a warning bell on state budget challenges as a result of COVID-19,”Even while state leaders figure out how to manage and respond with the help taxpayers need, it’s not too soon for Pennsylvania and New Jersey to start rethinking their budgeting priorities and taxation policies going forward.”

Spotlight PA: Delay of tax deadline due to COVID-19 will cause ‘significant disruption’ to Pa.’s budget process

Spotlight PA reports, “The outbreak is expected to deal a serious blow to the state’s bottom line as efforts to slow the spread of the virus shutter wide swaths of the economy, undercutting several sources of tax revenue. Already, Gov. Tom Wolf has ordered a hiring freeze and general purchasing ban for state agencies in an […]

Pennlive: What’s holding up help for American families during the coronavirus crisis? | Opinion, By Dave Fillman

Pennlive publishes an op-ed by David Fillman, Executive Director of AFSCME Council 13 and a co-founder of rhe CLEAR Coalition: “At a time like this, legislators should be prioritizing the health, safety and well-being of families and communities, not setting up a corporate slush fund at the behest of big-dollar lobbyists. Specifically, communities need significant […]