Pennsylvania’s budget hole is getting incrementally deeper reports, “Following a trend that’s persisted for much of the year, Pennsylvania’s November revenue collections ran 3.8 percent behind budget estimates. In all, the state pulled in $2 billion which, in real terms, meant it fell $79.5 million behind anticipated revenue.

Will report of growing Pa. budget deficit revive fight over new taxes?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, “A report released by the nonpartisan Independent Fiscal Office said the state was on track to fall more than $500 million short of what it needs to make it through this fiscal year, and that the deficit could grow to $1.7 billion in the next fiscal year if current policies remain in place.”

CLEAR Coalition Urges Lawmakers to Reject Pension Proposals

Leaders of the CLEAR Coalition are urging lawmakers to reject the last-minute reckless push to pass Senate Bill 1071, so-called pension reform legislation in the closing hours of the legislative session.

CLEAR Calls Out GOP Lawmakers for Bogus Math

Republicans are poised to pass a state budget that adds a grand total of $8 million in new basic education funding, or roughly 3 cents per student for each school day and less than 1 percent of the $1 billion that was cut from classrooms in the last four Republican-backed budgets.